The stunning washer dryer combo device is one of the new entrants in the home appliance market. It is a two-in-one appliance which can be repaired by our skilled appliance repair technicians. You will no longer need to worry about having wet clothes or moist laundry, sitting in a container for long hours. Yet, some people are claiming that it is not worth it. 

In the market, there are two types of washer dryer machines: Ventless and Vented. The vented appliance pulls in air from the room that it is occupying, heats the air, and gets rid of the moisture from your laundry. The humid, warm air will then leave the device through a vent outdoors.  

On the other hand, the ventless device heats the air that is inside the machine and dries a myriad of clothes. The appliance won’t pump out the moist air but it will condense the droplets and let it out via a drain. With both devices functioning very well, the drying series continues with dry, warm air.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the washer dryer combos.

Advantages of Washer Dryer Combos

Washer dryer combos have been famous in most Asian and European countries for many years. Both continents have never had problems using them. They can be excellent alternatives to people residing in small houses, apartments, or people who want to save space in their homes. The washer dryer combo is small that it can fit underneath most kitchen counters.

Also, you can set the appliance to wash and dry your laundry without interfering with both processes. Whether you wash your clothes at night or during the day, you can arrive home or wake up to find a clean laundry. You can set the appliance to wash clothes only if you want to line-dry later. Line-drying your laundry is preferred since it saves on electricity bills, and it could be softer for your clothes. But it is also great to know that you can use the dryer in case you want it. 

Disadvantages of Washer Dryer Combos

Indeed, washer dryer combos are not effective all the time. While the washing system works just fine as the standard washing machine, the drying process can take too much of your time and, in some instances, only dry some of your clothes. 

To add insult to injury, the machines that utilize the heat exchanges use a lot of water to ensure the drying cycle works. You can opt to line-dry your clothes rather than use the appliance. Nonetheless, designers are working to improve the washer dryer combos to make it effective and less wasteful on utilizing resources. And while it is not as efficient with water usage, this appliance is generally considered an energy efficient option and a space saving one. 

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