Appliances serve us in different ways and make life easier at home or in our businesses. However, these appliances can break down or become inefficient, compelling you to call in a repair service. An appliance breakdown can be so stressful that it turns your schedule upside down, and the cost of bringing it back to form takes a good chunk of your money. Not to mention that you cannot use the appliance during the time it breaks down until you’ve got it fixed. Contacting Baltimore appliance repair services is the immediate thing you want to do once you realize that your appliance has broken down.

Any reputable repair company should be able to answer the questions that customers ask. Customers want to learn more about the repair service they are about to hire, so receiving the right information allows them to make an informed decision.

Here are important questions you need to ask when making a call to a repair company:

Are you insured?

A very crucial question that you need proper answers is if the repair company is insured. An appliance repair service should have several insurance policies to cover your appliance, yourself, and the repair service.

Often, you may ask if a repair service has an insurance policy, and they say yes. Well, that may not provide a sufficient answer to the question. You want to know how worthy their policy is. You also want to find out the type of insurance they have. Do they have workers’ compensation insurance, general liability insurance, or what?

It is painful to get your appliance repaired only for it to start leaking or develop other problems.

Improper repair of appliances can not only cost you unnecessarily but can also stretch your budget. You can protect yourself from bad workmanship of repair services by ensuring the company is insured. If anything wrong happens, for instance, the equipment does not work properly as it should despite the repair job, the company should take responsibility. If the technician sustains injuries while working on your appliance, like being seriously cut by part or component of the equipment, their company should cater to the treatment cost.

Do you screen the background of your technicians?

Calling in a repair service means you are inviting somebody to your home. This is a person you may not know about their background. You don’t want to risk having people who may have an ill-intent.

Background screening is critical when a repair company is hiring its technicians. Therefore, ensure that the appliance repair service you hire does thorough background checks for the technicians they employ to ensure safety and security in your home. At The Baltimore Appliance Repair Shop, we properly screen our technicians to ensure we employ the right people to offer our clients repair services.

Is your repair company bonded?

With the commitment and trust that it requires to have your home unit repair, there comes confidence in your hire’s repair service. You should feel comfortable having a technician in your home. A licensed, bonded, and insured repair company helps protect the repair job completion. A surety bond serves as the insurance that the repair service will do what they promise they would and complete the tasks you paid for. And with property theft a reality among contractors, you want to ensure you are protected.

What training do your technicians have?

Obviously, you don’t want to have an untrained technician handle your equipment or appliance. They can do more damage than putting it in order. At The Baltimore Appliance Repair Shop, our technicians are certified by NASTeC Testing Agency through ISCET. So we ensure that we deliver 100% satisfaction on your repair job.

What’s your warranty?

We offer a one-year warranty on all repairs. However, this isn’t written in stone. We are flexible and know that situations may not be the same all the time. We work with you to offer the best repair solution possible.

Do you have replacement parts on the truck, and are you able to fix it during only the first trip?

Yes, we have a high completion rate. However, we may not guarantee that a repair will be fixed in the first call. Sometimes, you may find that a situation is more complex, or we may identify other issues with your appliance that we did think about at first. While our trucks are properly stocked, we still may not fix your appliance on the first trip. However, we do everything possible to try fixing it the first time.

We make sure we get more information upfront so that we prepare adequately for the repair work. Having said that, it is still difficult to guarantee all the job done on our first trip. The good thing is that we have relationships with all major parts distributors to get the parts pretty quickly.

Are your technicians uniformed?

Yes, we understand the need for a professional appearance and uphold it. Our technicians come in uniforms so that you can easily identify them. Not only that, our trucks are professionally lettered. This way, you are confident you are dealing with our team and not other people.

Who will be coming to my house?

The technicians coming to your house will call you before arrival. This will ensure that you know we are coming to prepare to invite us to your home.

We trust that this information helps in your repair service screening process. We are always ready and committed to answering any other questions you may have.

Hire us for your Appliance Repair Job!

Now that you know what to expect from our technicians when you call us to handle your appliance repair job, why not hire us for your repair needs? We pride ourselves in doing appliance repairs properly the first time and promise to return to your premises to completely repair the appliance free of charge if an error occurs.

Our commitment is to make sure that your unit is up and running efficiently so that you can get back to normal life as soon as possible. Contact Baltimore Appliance Repair Shop today or visit us at https://baltimoreappliancerepairshop.com to find out more about our repair service and request a quote.

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