When it comes to cooking with a stove, there are usually two choices – gas and electric. While each of these will get the job done, there are some differences. If you choose to use a gas stove, you want to know how to prepare the best dish while staying safe. And before you can use your gas stove, ensure it’s functioning properly. If it has issues, you can seek appliance repairs in Baltimore to help restore it so that you’ve a seamless cooking experience. Otherwise, you may want to use these few tactics to prepare a delicious meal while keeping it safe:

1. Light the Flame Safely

You need to pay attention when lighting the flame and notice any kind of malfunction. Manning the gas stove while handling it ensures that you quickly take safety measures if there is something unusual. If after lighting the flame, it doesn’t flare up, you should immediately turn off the stove. Wait for a few seconds before you light again. A flame that won’t light while the stove is releasing gas would mean that the gas will accumulate and could trigger a fire.

2. Loose Items – Keep them Away!

When using a gas stove, you’re cooking over a burning flame that can easily set things on fire. With electric stoves, for instance, things like a potholder may take time before they heat up to a point where they catch on fire. However, with gas, you are working with an open flame that is able to start fires almost instantly. So, you want to keep those loose items like bracelets, long hair, sleeves, and others out of the fire’s way while cooking.

3. Put off the Burner First

Cooking over gas flame means a different cooking strategy. The flame heats the pan, which, in turn, warms the food. When you put off the fire the cooking process stops right away. For safety reasons, you want to turn off the burner first before you can take the pan off of your stove. It will help prevent a fire and ensure your safety while cooking.

4. Start Low

It takes practice to cook with gas. Whether you just bought your new gas cooking appliance or you are switching from electric to gas, you want to learn how to use your gas stove. You may want to begin cooking at lower temperatures before you can cook over full flames. The gas stove flame can heat food quicker compared to an electric burner. So it helps to start with lower heat.

5. Simmer like a Pro

Learning the art of cooking over gas flame can be pretty impressive. You want to practice simmering as it’s part of the gas cooking experience. You want to tone down your meal preparation by simmering – a state where you switch from a full boil to nearly no heat. During simmering, there is very little flame – you can see some bubbles coming to the surface, though not many. The trick to simmering is to set the heat lower to avoid burning.

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To help keep your gas stove in tiptop condition, you contact an appliance repair specialist. At The Baltimore Appliance Repair Shop, we strive to improve your cooking experience. We understand that cooking appliances can break down anytime affecting how you live and cook. To help protect you from the discomfort, inconvenience, and dangers of handling a malfunctioning gas stove, we offer appliance repair and maintenance services. Our certified and licensed technicians can work on almost any make and model of gas stove appliance. Have issues with your gas stove? Visit us at https://baltimoreappliancerepairshop.com/ to get more information about our appliance repair services.

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