The majority of front-washing machines will have shock absorbers. The reason for this is to dampen the movement of the tub when there spin cycles. Over time, the shocks will wear out and you’re likely to witness a rocking machine because there is nothing to absorb the shock. This will mean searching for a Baltimore appliance repair if you’re to get to the bottom of the problem. It is imperative that you’re reaching out to an experienced technician that has dealt with such a challenge before and will be ready to provide a quick fix.

Shock Absorbers

The rocking of the washing machine as we’ve already mentioned is likely to be caused by weak shock absorbers. You’d want to make sure that the problem is not the shock absorbers. You can do this by first unplugging the machine before anything else. The next step will be to locate the shock absorbers. This will depend on the type of machine that you have. You should be looking for any signs of broken attachments because that is usually the biggest issue with the shock absorbers. The shock absorbers might need to be replaced and it is usually recommended to work with an experienced technician for the job.

Tub Spring and Suspension Spring

You will also have to disconnect the power supply before you can start the inspection process. The top and the front panels will have to be removed so that you’re gaining easy access to the springs. You want to make sure that the springs are securely attached. If there is stretching, it could mean that they’re no longer as effective. You should be careful when handling the springs because of the tension. Make sure that you’re wearing protective clothing to prevent injuries from happening.

Snubber Ring

There are some washing machines that come with a snubber ring which is designed to help in damping the vibration. You can mostly find them at the bottom of the machine so that there is a cushion between tub support assembly and the bottom of the machine. Since the snubber parts are mostly made of plastic, there will be wear and tear at some point and they will need to be replaced. The process will start by unplugging the machine so that you can locate the right panel. Once that is done, you will have to remove the tub springs so that it is easy to inspect the snubber. You should be looking for any signs of white dust.

Leveling Legs

The leveling legs are meant to provide support to the washing machine and can be adjusted so as to provide the correct balance. The number of legs will depend on the model that you have. Even though you don’t have to dismantle the machine for the repairs, it is always recommended that you’re unplugging it before you can attempt any kind of repairs. Make sure that all legs are level. If they’re damaged, they will need to be replaced. For more information on washing machine repairs, you can check out

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