This is a question that you’re likely to ask yourself when you’re having issues with the refrigerator. A fridge that is hissing, leaking, or sweating could be a sign of potential damage. The decision on what to do will mostly depend on the age of the unit. A Baltimore appliance repair technician might not be able to do much if the refrigerator has been repaired several times but the same issues keep coming up. Before you can decide to repair or replace the units, there are some common problems that you should be aware of.

Excessive Condensation

Your fridge could be sweating as if it is in the middle of a heatwave. When you start noticing such an issue, the first place you’d want to look at is the rubber sealing. You can attempt to do repairs by fixing the rubber sealing. If that is not the problem, you’ll have to reach out to an appliance repair technician.

The Motor is Running Hot

It is not uncommon to feel a warmer change when you put your hand in the back of the refrigerator. The problem will arise when there is excessive heat coming from the back of the unit. There is a high chance that the problem could be the coils and it is only an experienced technician that will be able to come up with a solution. If it is an old unit that is also showing other signs of fading, your best bet would be to get a good new refrigerator to avoid wasting money on costly repairs that will never end.

Your Refrigerator is More Than 10 Years Old

A refrigerator can last up to 20 years but the cost of repairs will be astronomical as it gets older. It will reach a time when the cost of repairs will outweigh that of getting a new one. When you notice that your fridge is constantly breaking down because of old age, it will be a sign that you need to start saving for a new unit. You might think that getting a new fridge is costly but if you factor in the repairs and inefficiencies of the old one, getting a new one should be a no-brainer.

The Fridge is Not Energy-efficient

If your energy bills have been going up and you’re consuming the same amount of power, the culprits could be inefficient appliances. The refrigerator can lead to an increase in energy bills if it is not running efficiently. When everything fails, you should at least make an effort in recycling the old fridge if you’ve planned to get a new one.

To Conclude

The decision to repair or replace the fridge isn’t one that should be made on the fly. You need to make sure that you’re getting in touch with an experienced appliance technician that will be honest about the state of the refrigerator. They will be able to advise if a repair or replacement is necessary. For more information on refrigerator repairs and replacement, you can check out for more information.

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