Your microwave is probably one of the most used appliances in your home. Your kitchen could come to a standstill if it stops working. While you may solve some of the problems with your microwave by yourself, other issues will require a professional appliance repair company. Here are a few common problems that you may encounter with your microwave:

Microwave Not Turning On

A microwave may not turn on for many reasons. You may not have plugged it in correctly, or there could be a problem with the door switch and door latch assembly. The ceramic fuse and thermal fuse of your microwave may also be faulty. All of these issues can be evaluated by a repair technician.

Microwave Doesn’t Heat

Usually, as your microwave starts to get old, its light may come on and it may hum, but it will not heat anything. If you have this problem, then check the door switch first. If the door is not latching properly, it could be the reason why heat is not generated. But if that is not the problem, you must check the voltage diode. This issue could also be caused by usual wear and tear, so consider getting a new microwave.

Microwave Plate Not Turning

The microwave plate must turn properly if your food is to get cooked evenly. It also supports your food while spinning evenly. If your plate is not turning properly, there could be a problem with the spinning assembly in the appliance. You must first check the plate itself. If everything is fine there, check the wide guide rollers placed below the plate. If there is an issue with this, it can be easily replaced. If these are fine too, there could be a crack in the pronged coupler in the center, or the drive motor for current and coupling could be faulty.

Door Doesn’t Close Properly

If your microwave is old, then this is a common problem you may face. Your appliance door may stop closing or hanging properly if the springs and hinges get loose over time. Check the door latch assembly, hinges, and torsion springs. You may also have to tighten any loose screws and replace any damaged parts.

The Appliance Doesn’t Shut Off

Your microwave may not stop running when the timer runs out. You will sometimes have to force open the door or unplug the appliance for it to stop working. If this is the problem, there could be an issue with the electronic parts. The door interlock switch may not be triggering, or the appliance’s smart board may have a problem. We recommend calling a repair person to diagnose the issue as it can be dangerous.

Noise From The Microwave

Your microwave can be noisy because of many reasons. One of the most common reasons being a noisy microwave plate. If the plate is making noise, check the guide roller and coupler. But if there is a problem with the magnetron or drive motor, you may have difficulty replacing it and should call experts. Other reasons for noise could be issues with the cooling fan or a high voltage diode.

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