Not all drying machine malfunctions are the manufacturer’s fault. Sometimes, users bring it upon themselves due to misuse, carelessness, and neglect. Baltimore dryer repair service breaks down the top and common mistakes committed by users consciously or subconsciously, which can gradually and permanently damage their dryers.

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Common Dryer Mishaps And How to Fix Them

It’s inevitable: something will go wrong with your dryer, just like any other appliance. That could mean a simple clog that you can easily undo yourself, or it could mean that your dryer has simply reached the end of its life and needs to be replaced. Here are some of the most common issues that you will have to deal with during the life of your dryer.

Failure To Clean Your Dryer

Most people tend to neglect cleaning their dryer vent after every use, which in turn can damage the appliance and lower its performance. It is essential to clean the lint filter and dryer ducts because failure to do so could clog the dryer ducts. Also, this can result in dryer fires; therefore, make sure you remove the build-up or excess lint by detaching the hose from the back at least once per year.

Not Removing Personal Items From Pockets

It is crucial to clean up your pockets before throwing clothes into the drier. Items such as gums or sharp objects will not only damage the fabric but also clog drum holes and cause fire hazards. Therefore, when things stick inside the machine, it is vital to vacuum chunks to remove them. If the remains are sticky, scrape them off with a sharp and edgy object. 

Overloading The Machine

Filling the dryer with excess clothing only wears it out and lessens the efficiency, which ultimately kills it. Every drying machine has the maximum amount of clothes it can work with and overloading it won’t take a shorter time as one intends because the more the clothes, the weaker the performance and the longer it takes for clothes to dry. Be patient and let the machine work as it is supposed to.

Drying The Wrong Materials

Not every fabric must get into the dryer, and that’s why it’s best to read instruction labels on most clothes. Materials made with rubber, e.g. rugs with rubber backs, plastic and foam are causative agents of fire therefore not recommended to put in a dryer. 

Ways To Maintain Your Dryer

To keep your dryer running smoothly and safely, there are a few procedures you can perform including;

  • Make sure the dryers lint filter is cleaned after every cycle. The screen is located at the top of the cabinet or the door. Use a brush to remove stubborn residue and replace the filter if it has any rips or tears. Check the lint screen housing for excess lint and use a vacuum to clean it out. 
  • At least once a year, remove the dryers vent pipe from the rear of the appliance and use your hands or a vent brush to clean out any lint or foreign objects.
  • Clean the inside of the dryer cabinet

Follow these simple guidelines, and your drier will be running great for years to come.

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