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The Hidden Attractions in Baltimore

Hi I’m the owner of The Baltimore Appliance Repair Shop, I have an unique insight into all the great things this city has to offer. When I’m not busy fixing the city’s appliances, I am most likely exploring one of the many hidden attractions that Baltimore offers.

  • Inner Harbor 

A great way to get to know the city is the starting point of Inner Harbor. Many of my favorite attractions are right here in the harbor. One of the most important seaports alongside the Chesapeake Bay, you can spend all day and still not see everything this harbor has to offer.  From street performances to shops and upscale restaurants, the scenic strolls and awesome location will satisfy everyone’s taste for adventure. Come eat, catch a water taxi or just take a stroll.

  • Favorite Eats

If you like seafood, you are in the right city for it! Baltimore is packed with wonderful eateries and upscale restaurants. One of my favorites is Thames Oyster House – located right on Thames Street. From oysters to crab cakes, fish sandwiches and the right lobster roll around! If you like chowder, the Rhode Island Quahog Chowder cannot be beaten!  

  • Baltimore’s National Aquarium 

If you love sea life, Baltimore is the home to the National Aquarium, the most well-known attraction. You will enjoy the variety of over 20,000 animals. From sea-life filled with fish and stingrays to a tropical rainforest. The giant shark tank is a must for sea lovers! If crowds scare you away, visit the aquarium during the week if you can!

  • Patterson Park

After a busy day of sightseeing, check out Patterson Park for a picknick or one of their many seasonal events or concerts. The park is over 300 years old and has a beautiful marble fountain, a swimming pool, lake, dog park and pagoda built-in 1890! The pagoda is worth the visit with unobstructed city views. Sit back and relax and enjoy a picnic; you may get a glimpse of rare birds like the great blue heron or a goldfinch!

  • USS Constellation

If you are a military history lover, you will love to visit the USS Constellation. Enjoy the very last all-sail ship in the US Navy, it launched in 1854 and is now docked at Pier 1 at Inner Harbor.  The USS Constellation played a massive part in ending the slave trade and was active in both WW1 & WW2. During your visit, you can climb aboard and visit the different decks and take a walk back in history and feel what it was like to be a 19th-century sailor. Perfect for all ages, however, if you are claustrophobic, know that some areas of the ship are tight spaces. 

  • Visit Fort Mc Henry National Monument and Shrine

Francis Scott Key detained on a ship during the War of 1812 in the Chesapeake Bay when he noticed a flag of 15 stars and stripes. That flag was signaling that the Americans were successful in holding off the British Naval attack. This is what inspired him to write the National Anthem! Francis Scott Key was a poet, writer, and lawyer. People flock from all areas to witness this monument and shrine with multiple guided tours, informative ranger talks, and programs. You can even enjoy a day picnic.

  • Baltimore Scavenger Hunt

Do you like teamwork and solving puzzles with clues?  If so, you will love exploring the city with either your own group of people or partner up with others that have booked the Baltimore Scavenger Hunt. Perfect for all ages, as you work together to complete challenges and solve clues. During this time, you will notice all the city has to offer of famous and historical areas.

  • Visit the Maryland Science Center

Over 200 years old and one of the oldest scientific centers in the country, with one of the interesting interactive exhibits.  The Maryland Science Center has an astronomy planetarium, a huge display of replica dinosaurs, and an Imax theater! Bring the children; they will love the interactive learning. If you have been here before, the exhibits often change, so come visit again!

When you plan your next trip to Baltimore, remember these sites to visit! They never get old, and there is something to do for all ages. If you have extra time, try and take in all ten of these beautiful Baltimore attractions!

So, if you’re in the process on planning your next trip to Baltimore and are unsure of which sites you should visit, you simply can’t go wrong choosing to visit any of the attractions listed above. In fact, if you have time up your sleeve you may want to seriously consider spending a week in Baltimore and visiting all ten attractions! After all a few days, is far too short a time span to discover all that Baltimore has to offer.

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