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Appliance Installation Experts in Baltimore

When you need appliance installation in Baltimore City County, or the greater metro area and surrounding towns, The Baltimore Appliance Repair Shop offers fast and reliable appliance installation services. We also offer a professional service for appliance repairs in Baltimore.

We understand that professionally installed appliances can help avoid future issues. When installing refrigerators, we check for plug configuration issues. We have the ability to run new outlets and install your new refrigerator in a new location if need be. We install not only your refrigerator but also your ice maker and water dispenser.

Dishwasher Installation near Baltimore

If you have a dishwasher that needs installed, The Baltimore Appliance Repair Shop will make sure your dishwasher is installed correctly without leaks or draining problems. When you need installation in the Baltimore area, give us a call!

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Washer and Dryer Installation

We know that installing a washer and dryer can be cumbersome by yourself. But when you use a The Baltimore Appliance Repair Shop – you get a washer and dryer installation with plumbing and dryer outlet vent modifications when needed.

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Tips to Help you Find a Baltimore Appliance Installation Expert

Sometimes it is hard to determine who is the best appliance technician, especially if it feels like you are on borrowed time and need services immediately. However, if you know what to look for and what you need from an appliance technician, you have a better chance of picking the right service.

First and foremost, be ready with specific details, a clear idea of what needs to be accomplished, the time frame it needs to be completed, your overall budget, and the space or location needed for the installation before you hire an appliance installation technician.

Here is a checklist to get a local appliance technician.

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Appliance Installation Service Recommendations and References

Word of mouth is everything. Start by asking friends and family for appliance technician recommendations. If you do not find enough recommendations this way, attend local trade shows or visit your nearest home improvement stores and ask for recommendations. Both of these places are a great resource to find quality candidates. Once you get a few names and numbers, start your interview process. Try to consult with as many as your time will allow. The more you have, the better the odds of you picking the right technician for your needs.


Get your Appliance Service and Installation Quotes

Get a minimum of three different quotes from different appliance service providers. Do not settle on the first bid as it may not be the right. Make sure to check references, credentials, and work history of each Baltimore Appliance Installation Service Near You. Ask for a portfolio or list of references.


Research the Service Agreement Contract

Make sure to read and research the contract before signing and again before when the work is started. Pay attention to details. They may not seem significant in the beginning but could make a world of difference later on. Make sure to address any questions or concerns before signing. If you do not understand the legal language, ask a legal representative to help interpret the language for you before you commit.

Make sure the contract lists all the details of the job, who is responsible for what costs, and the estimated time the project will take.


Clear Communication

Always be transparent with– open honesty and a clear direction of what you expect from your appliance installation service. Clear communication helps avoid misunderstandings later.

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