Now that you have seen the light and have purchased a dishwasher, there are a few issues you may face over time. One commonly reported issue is a dishwasher that won’t start. It is important to note that not all dishwashers that won’t start are broken. Sometimes, the problem may be with your electrical connection or something that could easily be remedied using DIY methods. Read on to find out the common reasons why your dishwasher may not start before calling on a Baltimore appliance repair company.

Power Not Turned On

While this appears to be an obvious reason why your dishwasher may not come on, you’ll be amazed at how frequently it happens. For example, if you have found that your dishwasher isn’t turning on, the first line of action should be to inspect the power cable. Confirm that the power cable is indeed connected to a power outlet. Also, confirm that the power outlet has been turned on.

Important considerations when eliminating power as the culprit include;

  • Ensure that the dishwasher is plugged directly into the power outlet and not into an extension cord.
  • Confirm that your power outlet is turned on.
  • Check your home’s circuit breaker box for possible problems with the power outlet.

Dishwasher Has Failed to Latch

Manufacturers are constantly improving on the safety features of their appliances. As far back as many models, dishwasher manufacturers have added a safety feature that prevents the appliance from working when not properly latched. Improper latching can cause water spills and water damages that may complicate your finances. To be clear, confirm that your dishwasher’s door is closed correctly and that it has latched on properly. Sometimes, you may need to call your appliance repair technician when the door closes and your dishwasher isn’t working. This may be an indication of a broken latch.

Problem With Cycle Setting

Newer models of dishwashers come with new features that may be complicated to operate for some homeowners. If you have one of those new and sophisticated dishwashers, the chances are high that you may have messed with the washing cycle setting. An incorrect cycle setting may be why your dishwashing machine isn’t functioning the way it should. A good way to address this problem is to consult the owner’s manual included in the appliance pack. However, if you aren’t making headways or do not have the manual within reach, contact your appliance repair tech for help.

Inadequate Water Supply

Water supply issues may also be why your appliance has failed to operate. You can troubleshoot this problem by filling your dishwasher up with more water. While attempting to fill your dishwasher, inspect the water supply line connection to ensure it is done right. If there is a problem with the water supply line, call your plumber to have a look and fix it.

Broken Dishwasher Parts

The dishwasher contains several small and big parts that work in unison to clean your dishes. Sometimes, broken parts may be the reason why your dishwasher isn’t coming on. Broken parts can be diagnosed by calling your appliance repair technician. Some of the common parts that may be responsible for the problem you’re experiencing include;

Faulty Thermal Fuse:

Blown out fuse may cause your dishwasher to stop working. Your appliance repair technician can simply replace this part to get your appliance working again.

Defective Timer:

The timer on your dishwasher controls power distribution across the appliance. Any problem with this part can halt power from transmitting into the system. The affected part can be repaired or replaced.

Control Board Malfunctions:

A malfunctioning control board can bring your dishwasher to a halt. This part may have to be replaced to restore functionality to your appliance.

Dishwasher problems can sometimes be sudden and unexpected. When dealing with such problems, troubleshooting should be the first step to take. However, if any of the broken parts need repairs or replacement, you should contact a Dishwasher repair professionalquickly.
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