Nobody has the time or patience for daily grocery runs these days. Most people need to preserve enough food to last a week or two. But if your refrigerator has broken down on you, this might not be possible. Your food could spoil if the issue is not addressed. Things could get even worse if you don’t know how to identify potential issues before it’s too late. This guide by Baltimore appliance repair discusses 4 telltale signs of issues with your refrigeration unit. You can use these tips to avoid costly repairs and inconveniences down the road.

It’s Not Cold Enough

If you notice that your refrigerator’s temperature is lower than it was before, or it’s colder than it should be, something may have gone wrong. Refrigerators and freezers are designed to keep a constant temperature for freshness purposes. If the temperature isn’t maintained, food will spoil or freeze.
Most fridges and freezers have temperature gauges in them. The thermostat panel on the front of these appliances allows you to regulate the temperature inside the fridge. You can also buy thermometers to measure the temperature of your refrigerator.
If your temperature setting is at ‘cold,’ and it’s still not cooling enough, the thermostat might be off or on its way out. You can purchase an external thermometer to measure if it’s working. If the fridge is emitting a warm, unpleasant odor when it should produce cool air, this could mean that your appliance’s condenser coils are not working properly.

There’s Condensation On The Door

You might notice a lot of condensation on the refrigerator door. This means your fridge isn’t cooling things down properly. It’s likely due to a faulty defrosting system or blockage in the drain-pipe.
There’s usually a switch on the back of your fridge you can use to change between “defrost” and “off.” Try turning off this setting for an hour or two, then turn it back on. If there’s still a lot of condensation left after one cycle, something is wrong with either your defrosting system or drainage pipe.

The Motor Is Running Hot

If your refrigerator is running hot, there’s usually something wrong with it. This could be because of a faulty defrosting system or an issue with the insulation between the outer and inner walls of the fridge. You’ll need to contact a professional right away because these are both major problems that may require a professional’s touch. You may also need to replace the appliance depending on the severity of the issue..

There’s Water On Your Floor

If there’s water on the floor under your fridge, your appliance could be leaking. This can be because of a faulty drainage pipe or because something has spilled inside.
If you have any leaks, turn off the electricity so no more water gets out. This will prevent any further damage. Then, put some towels on the floor to soak up any excess water. You’ll need to call an appliance repairman to address the issue, but you should consider replacing the fridge, especially if it is old and needs a lot of repairs or replacement parts.
We hope this list has helped you identify what may go wrong with your refrigerator. However, if you are experiencing another malfunction we didn’t cover in this post, please visit https://baltimoreappliancerepairshop.com/ to speak to a technician. Also, stay tuned for more refrigerator content on our blog.

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